Friday, October 22, 2004


my 7 jeopardy dream categories:

1) indie bands of the 90's
2) grammar rules
3) the wheel of time
4) plasma physics fun
5) super nintendo rpgs
6) programming in C++
7) all things discworld

actually, coming up with these categories was kind of depressing. i realized about halfway in that i'm not much of an expert on anything...and by anything, i don't mean 'anything of consequence' or 'anything that anybody that has a life cares about.' i mean, for every category i listed, there are surely people out there who know alot more about it than me.

on second thought, perhaps i should be happy that i'm not the world expert on something like super nintendo rpgs. i mean, that would be depressing in a kind of 'wow, what an incredible loser i must be' kind of way. instead, i'm just left feeling inadequate, which i've been used to for years.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

my first time

so...i've never done this before. can you tell? you can, can't you? how embarassing.

anyway, trinity (my wife) cajoled me into doing this in imitation of her. well, maybe she didn't exactly cajole me...more like merely suggested the idea in passing. anyway, i'm sure my blog won't be as stylish as hers, but what can one expect? she has a degree in the design-based major of architecture while i'm a grad student in physics. that's right, physics...a field synonymous with pale, emaciated, bespectacled guys who've lost touch with reality and have no life outside the world of sci-fi books and computers. personally, i'm offended by this stereotype. i mean, yeah, i'm a pale, emaciated guy who has lost touch with reality and spends my time reading sci-fi books and playing on my computer, but i haven't worn glasses since the fifth grade, damn it!

well, i think i've probably made a big enough fool of myself for now. the comforting thing is that i've only done so in front of the select few that get to read this blog (translation: in front of the only person who will ever care enough to read it, my wife). more rambling later.