Monday, November 22, 2004


only on my first step of the first step, and already my plan for recovery is a failure. looking back at my previous blog entry, i realized that it's not actually crappy. it's every bit as hilarious and inspiring as my previous entries...pure genius. *sigh* i tried to be sub-par for you, my fans...i really did...but i failed. i suppose i must simply resign myself to perfection.

baby steps

hello everybody. my name is michael, and i have a problem. it's what i like to call nervous blogger syndrome. you see, it's kind of like the whole nervous peeing sydrome thing...except it doesn't involve peeing. in short, i haven't been keeping this blog up to date because i feel pressured to put out high quality i put off my posts hoping i'll come up with some flash of genius (like in all my previous posts).

however, i'm now making the first step towards recovery. you see, i've decided to make this a really crappy blog entry so that i realize perfection is unattainable. all i have to do is continually force myself to put out frequent, crappy blog entries, and eventually i'll be able to come to terms with my mediocrity. it's like one of those 12-step programs. except it doesn't have 12 steps. it has only 1 step. but, it's 1 step over and over again...maybe even 12 times.

i'll leave you with a deep, philosophical question:

if you could have any super-power, what would it be?

deep, man.

Saturday, November 06, 2004


First, let me apologize to my many, many fans for not posting in awhile. There have been so many pressing matters to attend to here that I haven't had the time to compose anything (translate: I've been playing old super nintendo games and reading books I've already read a million times + I'm lazy).

The last week has been somewhat depressing. Trinity is travelling, and good ole G.W. was reelected as the leader of the free world. Now, I wasn't a big Kerry fan. In fact, I rather disliked the idea of him as president. However, there are certain things one is willing to put up with in order to prevent other things from occurring. That's right, one of the 'other things' is Bush as president. Here's why:

1) Accountability. During his last term, Bush made the decision to go to war and bring about the deaths of untold people with the justification that the world was being rid of a dire threat. This hinged on the existence of weapons of mass destruction, and none turned up. Without the weapons of mass destruction, destroying all these people was unjustified. I mean, there are bad and cruel rulers in many nations at this time, and we can't kill them all. Bush must be held accountable for all the death he ordered; there must be repercussions. Otherwise, what's to stop future presidents and other world leaders from declaring war for any reasons they choose?

2) Intolerance. Bush's administration embodies a disturbing trend in the American populace: intolerance. When you try to give gay and lesbian couples fewer rights than heterosexual couples, how can it be called anything other than discrimination? If people feel that marriage is a religious establishment, that's fine. Allow homosexuals to marry and call it civil union or whatever you feel good about calling it. However, since their can be no discrimination based on religious belief, then those that follow some religion and get married can't be given some special priviledges that non-religious, unmarried people don't get. The really sad thing about all of this is that this discrimination is being advocated in the name of Christianity, which is meant to espouse ideals along the line of 'love thy neighbor.'

3) Public Relations. In case you haven't noticed, the entire world hates America. It's true that some of the world hated us already...but it was mostly extremists. Now, the average non-American citizen dislikes America. They all see Bush as an aggressive moron (understandably so), which reflects poorly on the American people who elected him. This election we had the chance to stand up and show that Americans don't share the Bush vision...that we respect non-American citizens. We failed miserably. Now the international community knows that Bush reflects the views of the average U.S. citizen.

There's more to the rant, but I'll end it there. The next post won't be so whiny and depressing...I'll return to the usual fluff.