Saturday, May 21, 2005

return of the blog

right. so i haven't updated this blog in a little while. ok, a long while. here's my story:

a short time after my last entry, i vanished. everyone thought i was dead. in fact, i was abducted by a group of terrorists bent on unlocking the secrets of thermonuclear fusion, which they mistakenly thought i could help them with. as i am a genius and do research loosely related to fusion, can anybody really blame them? anyway, while taking me to their secret base in canada (never trust canadians), there was a car accident that killed the terrorists and left me in a coma. after a few months i miraculously recovered, but i had no recollection of my previous life. that's right...amnesia! i spent the next several months working as a night club bouncer in a little dump on the canadian border. during a bar room brawl last week, i got smashed over the head, and my memory returned. just got home a couple of days ago. qed.

so maybe i'm lying. that doesn't mean i'm a liar or anything. well, maybe it does...but you can't prove anything!

still, it would make a good soap opera plot...i'd just need to throw in some demonic possession, random sex and blackmail, and my evil twin...the one that 'returned' and made up the absurd story from above. hehe...suckers!