Thursday, July 14, 2005


i know what you must be thinking. "two blog entries in two days?! what madness is this?!" i realize how horribly tacky it was to use not just one, but two (two!) '?!'s, but it was necessary. trust me on this.

unfortunately, there isn't too much for me to talk about. this is despite the fact that today has been more productive and exciting for me (as far as my research is concerned) than pretty much any day in the last week or so...mainly because even 'exciting' research for me is likely to be considered mind-numbingly boring to those of you without my superior intellect (translation: those of you who are not completely lame physics dork losers). just a taste...the majority of my day consisted of reading through a plasma physics paper, trying to follow all the conceptual and algebraic gymnastics necessary to successfully construct local magnetohydrodynamic 3D plasma equilibria. yeah, that's what i thought. loser.

despite how embarrassing this admission is, i must end this entry now, as i'm being distracted by a rerun of the oc. yeah.


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