Wednesday, July 13, 2005

still going

i am frankly amazed that i've put out multiple blog entries in the last several days...and even more so that i am still going. it would appear that the laziness inherent in my very being is seeping away. however, in reality i am merely becoming even lazier in other aspects of my life so that i can aspire to such heights in my blogging. the sacrifices i make for you, my doting fans (dote, damn you!)...

so anyway...against all laws of probability, i sold my car a couple of days ago. i realize that this may seem like no great achievement to those of you unitiated in the esoteric mysteries of Michael's Dread of Human Interaction With People He Doesn't Know, Accompanied by the Need to Extract Money From These People (in case you're wondering, i'm not exactly sure of the grammar rules governing which of those words were supposed to start with a capital letter, and this bothers me deeply). however, i've been in the process of 'trying to sell my car' (translation: doing whatever i can to avoid actually having to sell the car, including possibly begging trinity to sell it for me) for about a year now, so the actual getting rid of the car and getting money for it was a momentous event which left me with a feeling of utter jubilation.

that is all.


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