Tuesday, June 27, 2006

deep thoughts

by jack handy (just kidding...don't sue me, snl)

tonight i find myself in one of those deep, introspective moods--the type usually associated with poets, philosophers, and angst-ridden teenagers. i don't really know why. maybe it's frustration with work. maybe its because i'm packing in preparation for a move from the first place trinity and i have called home together. whatever the reason, it's prompted me to write a blog entry with no real point whatsoever. i know you're thinking, "and how exactly is that different from all the previous entries?" well, shame on you. you should know the effect that sort of negative thinking has on my fragile, angst-ridden psyche.

anyway, it's been pretty gloomy here in dc the last couple of days. trinity's gallavanting around in sunny san francisco, and constant rain from thunderstorms has left much of dc flooded (and more importantly, our roof leaking. i mean, who cares about all those other people whining about washed away roads and so forth? yawn). as far as natural disasters go, floods are pretty boring. i mean, how many blockbuster movies are there about floods? maybe some of them have flooding as a byproduct of hurricanes, tsunamis, etc., but they're not really the main event. when it comes down to it, tornados and volcanos are much sexier (and lucrative).

now that you've experienced a sample of my morose maunderings (i don't really know it that is a word, but it sounds damn good, so i'm going with it.), i invite you to send donations. see, the idea is that if you give me enough stuff, i'll agree not to write such rubbish anymore. you may think you can get away without giving me anything by simply refraining from future reading. i assure you that your feeble reasoning abilities have failed to grasp an important point. you will have to trust me on this.


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